Derrida and Feminism

A discussion of Jacques Derrida’s feminism



Wherefore also we must acknowledge that there is one kind of being which is always the same, uncreated and indestructible, never receiving anything into itself from without, nor itself going out to any other, but invisible and imperceptible by any sense, and of which the contemplation is granted to intelligence only. Plato, the Timaeus


Poetry about Platonic Khôra and photographs of the woods.

Edward Scissorhands and Postmodern Aesthetics

Tim Burton’s film, Edward Scissorhands, begins with apparent binary oppositions: life/death and joy/melancholy. In the first scene, Edward is born, and just as he begins to understand life, he is faced with his inventor’s death. To cope with his loss, Edward crouches in a dark corner of his castle, using pinned photographs as referents to…

Jean-François Lyotard

A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before. Young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, a person is always located at “nodal points” of specific communication circuits, however tiny these may…

Jean Baudrillard

Postmodernity is said to be a culture of fragmentary sensations, eclectic nostalgia, disposable simulacra, and promiscuous superficiality, in which the traditionally valued qualities of depth, coherence, meaning, originality, and authenticity are evacuated or dissolved amid the random swirl of empty signals.” Jean Baudrillard