Wherefore also we must acknowledge that there is one kind of being which is always the same, uncreated and indestructible, never receiving anything into itself from without, nor itself going out to any other, but invisible and imperceptible by any sense, and of which the contemplation is granted to intelligence only. Plato, the Timaeus Advertisements


Poetry about Platonic Khôra and photographs of the woods.


A photograph and poem couple echoing eternity.


Photography and accompanying poem


Photography and Poetry

Cold Water

Cold water surrounds me now, and all I’ve got is an emanation of the referent.

Theatre and Feeling

This post features my second version of “Theatre” and a found poem titled “Feeling.”


To create this poem, I separated 100 words of personal prose and kept only my favorite words. Then I wrote the vertically chosen words. This is the result. Pause Cracked seeps shape and shade faint scuffling bones in hot pane. Gust cool wind– listen. creaking, cracking Stand. Sweat. Wait. Here is my original source text….