William S. Burroughs, A Letter to His Son

WSB [London] to Billy Burroughs Jr. [Palm Beach, Florida]
Oct 1, 1960
Cargo American Express
London England

Dear Billy:

If you dig The Turn of The Screw you should dig Rimbaud. Noth­ing obscure in his poetry if you see it as IMAGES. Here is a book of his poems with the French translation opposite will improve your French. A game I play is to type out phrases from Rimbaud or any poet I fancy. Then I cut into sections. Rearrange putting section four with section one and section two with section three and select a new arrangement.Try it some time with Rimbaud or any writing. Enclose picture of my self taken in Paris by Charles Henri Ford a writer of novels and films.

I hear you dig music. Try it with ear phones you can play it any time that way without bothering people around you. Besides music is different when you hear it right in your ear. It should be simple operation to plug your record player for ear phones. Please let me hear from you soon. Hope you can make it to Switzerland or we can meet some place very soon

William Burroughs

from Selected Letters of William S. Burroughs


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  1. Interesting technique for composing a poem. I’ll have to give it a try.


    1. It creates interesting results.

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